What would it mean to access a totally focussed state? Discover how to take yourself and others into total concentration on an idea or concept.

Whether adding to your existing skill base or seeking to create a stand-alone profession – this foundational training will ensure a solid start to your career in Hypnotherapy.

Learn to harness the power of your unconscious mind for your own benefit & clients.



International Training & Qualification


Learn the most effective way to rapidly transition from an unhelpful state to one that is favourable and advantageous.

Reach a mental state that is highly receptive to new suggestions and instructions to propel you forward.

Learn more quickly and accurately and have more control of yourself and your life with instant benefits.

Speed up the process of developing yourself as a human being by learning how to facilitate a subtle shift in consciousness to access and update the ‘software’ of your mind while still thinking consciously.

​This natural focussing of attention called Hypnosis is one of nature’s greatest learning tools…..that’s right.

Course dates and times:

Fri 25/10/2019

12.30 pm Registration

 1.00pm to 7.00pm

Sat 26/10/2019

9.30am to 7.30pm

Sun 27/10/2019
9.30am to 7.30pm

Course location: Red Earth Healing Centre, Dubbo


With this foundational Hypnosis training, all ‘WE ‘ trainers ensure you get thorough and content focussed training, that is fresh and energising for you, to master the fundamentals and leave with confidence.


Anyone considering starting a career in Hypnotherapy

Health professionals wanting to expand their range of services and enhance communication with clients

Corporate professionals seeking to increase leadership and influencing skills, 

to inspire teams and motivate others to reach their highest potential 

Those who wish to broaden their understanding of the mind-body connection and natural healing techniques.

This training requires no previous qualifications

Hypnosis will rebuild your relationship with your unconscious mind so you easily identify self-sabotage behaviours and ineffective habits and redefine your mindset to create successful outcomes in all areas of your life.

Upon completion of live training and home study you can immediately and confidently start working with friends, family or even paying clients, for and not limited to:

- weight loss & enhance body image

- quit smoking

- stress reduction

- performance enhancement

- pain management

- promote deep relaxation

- self hypnosis

- personal development and goal setting


Upfront Payment



4 monthly payments @ $237.50 each




This certification allows for registration with:

International Institute of Complimentary Therapists

American Board of Hypnotherapy

Hours may be able to be used for other leading Boards & Memberships if desired & allows practice of hypnotherapy in all states of Australia.

Presented by:

Danna Maloney

Principal at

Danna Maloney Soulwork

Trainer in Hypnosis, Usui Reiki & coming soon Touch For Health Kinesiology.


Danna is an experienced Hypnotherapist and training has long been a goal. Her passion for working with & understanding the unconscious-conscious connection is evident in all her work. Combining powerful mindset change work with Energy Modalities forms the basis of her work platform.

Based in Mudgee, New South Wales, Danna is passionate about bringing the latest natural healing techniques and training to those living in rural and regional areas to ensure an extensive range of Certified Professional Training & Healing Modalities are available to those outside of major cities.

Danna's qualifications include:

Reiki Master & Teacher,

Neuro Linguistic Programming Practice & Coach

Registered Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®


Trainer & Practitioner Hypnotherapy

Specialised Kinesiologist & Touch For Health Trainer 2019

Training provided

in affiliation with:

WE Institute - Centre for Wellness & Empowerment

02 9438 3833 admin@weinstitute.com.au