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'fake' to 'free'

Do you ever feel like you’re faking it either in your work, as a parent, partner or in life? 

Do you worry that somehow, some day you will be exposed as just not good enough?

Have you ever walked into a room, felt less than, and wanted to walk out again?

Have feelings of self doubt caused you to say no to opportunities?

Are you not where you thought you would be in life right now, because you keep repeating the same old patterns?

Does perfectionism get in the way?


If so, then you are in good company.

Research has shown that as many as 70% of people have had at least one episode of Imposter Syndrome, that collection of feelings of not being good enough even when there is clear evidence that the opposite is true.

Meaningful change is a process and an inside job.

Identifying what you don’t want and getting clear on what you do want is the first step on a courageous journey to your best self.  

You need to ask yourself, ‘what’s the greater risk?’ Stay small and accept what is - groundhog day; or take the leap into what you never thought was possible? 

Your fear will diminish the closer you get to your authentic self.

Trust the process and enjoy the rewards.

Wanting change means raising awareness first. And while we can keep thinking about that change, but change nothing - we ultimately get no change. 

​The first step is actually doing the process of pulling this apart once and for all. What is it? Name it, own it, learn from it, transform it - embody it and live it. 

​Ready to explore?

​What We Cover


Let's identify Your Imposter. 

Who are you being, if you’re not being you?


​Who is the You, you really want to be?

Developing and nurturing your authentic self


​Change in Action - How to maintain your authenticity when the imposter keeps pushing your buttons


​​Welcoming your Imposter on your terms – finding the deeper meaning in it's teaching. ​Planning for the road ahead - what next

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Weekly Course content & PDF worksheets to personalise & reflect on your experience.

Private Facebook group for the duration of the course for additional prompts, thoughts and conversations.

All sessions will be recorded and available for viewing at a time convenient to you. ​


Monday April 20th, 2020

for 4 consecutive Monday's

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About us


​Danna Maloney


Danna and Fiona's bio's could be easily interchanged - and that makes sense. Indeed, it seemed destined they became each others mentor, solutions highlighter and torch holder. Danna too is a multi modality professional. International Trainer in Hypnotherapy & Energy Therapies, Practitioner and Coach in Kinesiology, NLP, EFT. Student of Psychic Development and Quantum Consciousness. Danna believes Quantum is the new normal - retaining conscious design and unconscious alignment of our lives is not only key, it's possible. Danna's innate ability to really tune into others, and see their light when they cannot means exponential growth. ​

I'm the youngest of 6 to older parents. Mum was 41 and Dad 50 when I was born. My eldest brother still calls me 'Bub' despite me being nearly 50. Growing up, I was much loved, and also life experiences meant I developed peacekeeper tendencies - others first, eggshells, don't rock the boat, keep it steady. Pair my ability to excel at many things with a shy, ever pleasing demeanor - and you have the perfect unconscious mix of less than, not enough, what I want is not important. When you keep the peace, sooner or later, you resent it and begin to control what you really do not want to take care of. If I have to do it, you can all do it my way. It took me till 39yrs of age to understand it. And of course in classic 'makeover style' I had to experience a big shake up to get the message.

On the outside, confident; but on the inside completely disconnected with the real me & living daily life as a result of circumstance. I lived that circumstance ferociously though, I played it at 100% participation. Hard, fast, good & bad. But every choice wired with fear, always worrying. Saying YES for all the wrong reasons to everyone else but myself. But you would never know it. I was the peace keeper. the classic people pleaser with no ability to love myself or see my own potential. No trust & so trying to control the world. No desire to gain for myself. Making choices so far removed from what I see as my truth now.

Today, I meet fear where it is, I still experience the voice of doubt, the one that says 'someone else does it better' but it does not define me.

I embrace my abilities, more and more each day I believe in myself, the work I do and my purpose".

​Fiona Brown


Fiona Brown is a passionate woman with an eclectic mix of skills, talents, wisdom, life experience and qualifications that make up the many strings to her bow. Fiona combines her background in nursing her intuition; life and personal leadership coaching, facilitating, and training; NLP and Matrix therapies; Reiki; Crystal healing; and Hypnotherapy to assist you in making profound, positive and long-lasting life changes. Fiona is a public speaker, natural teacher, and guide with a grounded, soulful presence. Her strength of character, dedication to her work and belief and faith in the innate goodness of people enables her to guide you into stages of growth you never thought possible.

She helps make the uncomfortable comfortable and the mystical practical. Fiona shared with us her personal experience with the imposter syndrome….. “As a child I was always the smallest in the class, wore ‘coke-bottle’ glasses and had ‘train-track’ braces.  I was extremely shy and didn’t engage in team sports or group activities (outside my home with my 8 siblings).  Although I was very smart, I slackened off in high school with and didn’t get the grades I was capable of because I didn’t want to stand out.  Throughout my nursing and other careers, which have all been female dominated professions, I was always surrounded by many other women who I believed to have ‘had it all together’ and were swiftly advancing in their careers.  For some bizarre (unconscious) reason, being physically small also impacted on me feeling that I should stay small. 

There have been many moments over the past 12 years in particular that have created a small crack in the armour of my imposter and allowed a little more light to get in.  These ah-ha moments happened at times when I took responsibility for my growth, pushed my own boundaries, dug deep and trusted my unconscious.  This enabled me to  move into new roles and create wonderful possibilities.  Each time I felt like I was stepping more into my authentic self and that feels really good.

At times I still hold back from allowing myself to fully expand into what I am capable of, but I’m ok with that because I understand what I need to do, and I know that sometimes good things take time.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to attend online?

No. If you are time poor or prefer to process in private - simply grab the recording in the Facebook group and work in a self paced way in your own time. Worksheets and all additional prompts will be placed in the group for you to download or print off. You won't miss a thing.

What's the benefit of attending live?

You get the benefit of asking your questions, clarifying your thinking and getting some 1:1 re-framing.

Are the payments secure?

Yes. For your safety and ours, all payments are processed through PayPal. If you have selected the installments option, then once activated it will automatically deduct your nominated PayPal card/account weekly for the three additional payments. ​

Are there Refunds available?

​There are no refunds available, due to the digital nature of this product. Feel free to get in touch if you need to clarify anything before your purchase.

I've never worked online before, is it easy?

It's super easy. The link to download the ZOOM app will be placed in group, then each week, you simply click the meeting LINK and join. You can use laptop, phone or tablet. Earphones are best. If you need the recording, then the link for each week will be placed in group. You can download Hypnosis Sessions and reuse them whenever you wish.

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